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Found the Cast Member survey =)

Hi everybody,
Just wanted to let you know that I found one of the types of cast member surveys I was looking for (thanks to my friend, Lindsay). It's posted on my LJ if you would like to see my answers (it's in a friends only post - feel free to add me though!). =) I have also posted it here:

How long have you been a Cast Member?

Do you love working at Disney or are you ready to leave?

Where was your first Disney job?

What is your current Disney job?

Favorite place(s) you've worked?

Least favorite place(s) you've worked?

Where would you want to work if you could have any job at Disney?

What's your favorite park?

Favorite resort?

Which mountain is your favorite?

Favorite water park?

Favorite fireworks/night show?

Favorite parade?

Were you ever on the college program?

Should you have been fired during your college program?

Do you go to PI every week?

What was your most memorable guest experience(good)?

What was your most memorable guest experience (bad)?

Favorite Magic Kingdom attraction?

Favorite EPCOT attraction?

Favorite Disney-MGM Studios attraction?

Favorite Animal Kingdom attraction?

Least Favorite Cast Member Dining Location?

Favorite Cast Member Dining Location?

Favorite WDW restaurant?

Ever been "drinking around the world"?

Do you eat at work or do you pack your lunch?

How do you feel about turkey legs?

What's your favorite costume?

Least favorite costume?

Hope you all are doing well - it's almost spring break time for me!
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