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WDW College Program- Fall 07

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Reunion? [Sep. 02, 2008 ~ 12:21am]

So, does anyone want to try the whole reunion chat thing again? I figured we hadn't tried it in awhile, so why not.

Please let me know when is best for you in terms of day of the week, time, and your screen name and I'll put a post up with the details.
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Invitation to the Reunion Chat [May. 21, 2008 ~ 10:47pm]

Okay, so since I didn't get much response from my last post, I am just going to make a decision.

Sunday and Monday, May 25th and 26th- approximately 9pm: Our (First?) Reunion Chats!

Be there or be square. Basically, if you are online and you were on my buddy list for our original chats, I will invite you. If not, I won't. :D
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So... [May. 08, 2008 ~ 7:05pm]

Anyone up for a chat this coming Sunday or Monday?
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Reunion Chat [Apr. 14, 2008 ~ 9:27pm]

So... a few people have agreed that a reunion chat is a good idea. When is a good time to have this chat?

Let me know what you would prefer...

and if you would like to be invited.

♥ Nicole
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So.... [Mar. 21, 2008 ~ 11:17pm]

Anyone planning on visiting Disney World any time soon? Maybe working seasonally over the summer?

I will be back down at the end of August and I'm pretty excited. :) I miss the people I work with a lot... crazy, I know. I still call them every once in awhile to check up and say hey to everyone.

Also, random question that I've brought up to a couple people on AIM. Anyone up for a reunion wdwfallcp07 AIM chat some day? lol
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Found the Cast Member survey =) [Mar. 03, 2008 ~ 7:33pm]

Hi everybody,
Just wanted to let you know that I found one of the types of cast member surveys I was looking for (thanks to my friend, Lindsay). It's posted on my LJ if you would like to see my answers (it's in a friends only post - feel free to add me though!). =) I have also posted it here:Cast Member SurveyCollapse )

Hope you all are doing well - it's almost spring break time for me!
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Awwww... sad. [Feb. 14, 2008 ~ 11:51am]

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To think it was about a year ago this week when I had my phone interview....

I want to go back!

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It's over?! [Jan. 05, 2008 ~ 9:33pm]

So, out of the people who have finished their program and gone home, who misses it already? I know I do!

How many people extended their program? Where do you work now, if not in the same work location?

Did anyone go seasonal?
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Packing List [Jan. 05, 2008 ~ 1:44pm]

I am wondering if any of you, as CPs, have a packing list that you followed when going down to Florida at the beginning of your trip. If you have a link to it, that would be great!
Thanks in advance. :]
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get together? [Dec. 19, 2007 ~ 1:32pm]

i know it's the holidays and the end of our programs and all, but I was curious if anyone wanted to get together as like a last hoorah before the jan 4th departure date? like a night at PI or something? I think it'd be a fun little thing for us to relax and unwind during the crazy holiday season....
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